Wil Jones
Web Developer

About This Website

This website uses Umbraco as the CMS and a custom version of Bootstrap V4 Alpha.


This is the second iteration of my personal website. The first version was built in DNN (DotNetNuke) with a Themeforest html template. Having DNN as the CMS was a huge overhead, DNN it quite resource heavy for a simple blog website.

V2 if wiljones.co now runs on Umbraco. I have been using Umbraco for 6 months now, and I a convert. It feels like a wrapper of content around ASP.NET MVC, and ONLY that, nothing extra. More on my conversion to Umbraco later.

This website uses the following technologies:

  • Umbraco
  • Bootstrap V4 Alpha
  • jQuery 2.x
  • Prism JS

Umbraco means I can easily create new content in a flash.

I have been working with Bootstrap V3 since it's release, it's a great front end framework. I have customised it from it's source for every single project I have used it for.

jQuery - It's easy admd works everywhere. I have chosen V2.x as there aresome elements of this website which will not work in <IE8

Prism - I want to show code snippets, Prism is by framework for showing code snippets of choice. Like this:

@import "bootstrap/bootstrap.scss";
//override default btn-outline white bg
.btn-white-outline {
    .open > &.dropdown-toggle {
        color: #fff;
         background-color:adjust-hue($brand-primary, -10);
        border-color: #fff;
    @include hover {
        color: #fff;
        background-color:adjust-hue($brand-primary, -10);
        border-color: #fff;

I will be blogging about my web development journey and adding portfolio items in the future.